#sparkchange – big possibilities in a small car

The latest TV commercial for the all-new Holden Spark tells us a few home truths, like 87% of women feel misunderstood by the car industry. Our recent vox pops show that women feel they aren’t portrayed fairly in automotive advertising and aren’t inspired by messaging intended to ‘target’ them as an independent and influential consumer group. Our #sparkchange campaign shows that Holden is listening, evolving, and delivering product and messaging that speaks to intelligent women – decision-makers who care about what’s under the bonnet as much as how their car integrates with their lives.

But research tells us that 25% of small-car buyers are men, and with the Spark’s sleek design, class-leading performance and next-level technology, why wouldn’t they be? As we evolve our brand to bring fresh possibilities to all consumer groups, this is one we shouldn’t overlook in our efforts to #sparkchange. To this end, Holden’s latest social media piece for Spark – now live on Facebook – is not only about defying small-car expectations, it’s about redefining them.

So here’s the scene: we’ve got Liam Seymour (one half of Bryce and Liam or ‘#Briam’) in an all-new Spark, fully loaded with Go-pros. The up-and-coming comedian is cruising around beachside suburbia, delivering running commentary on the Spark’s many class-leading features – the tech, the safety, the style. He flirts with Siri a bit…she plays it cool.

Liam picks up a few mates – male, female, tradie – all of whom are pleasantly and authentically surprised by the Spark’s handling. The 90-second vignette shows that Spark isn’t a frivolous purchase; there’s no shoe draw for your high heels or any spec scrimping in favour of superficial design elements. Liam calls out the vehicle’s connectivity and performance as stand-out features that make the Spark a smart purchase. The word ‘zippy’ gets bandied about … in a good way.

#sparkchange is about chipping away at those archaic walls built around women buying small cars and men buying v8s – it’s not a thing anymore. Performance, class-leading technology, slick design and smart safety features? Spark has it in the bag. Plus, you’ll nail any inner-city park like a boss. There’s a Holden for every single one of today’s Australians regardless of gender, age or comedic ability. View the clip here, like it, and share it with your friends!

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