Holden Street Style

It’s hard to say what we’re looking for, really. Rowan’s rose gold hair in the speckled shade of a tree-lined grove in Chippendale. Claudia’s powerful presence wrapped in a slight frame – a modern-day Natalie Merchant. RJ’s gold slip-ons because gold slip-ons are cool and RJ is cool. It’s everything and it’s nothing – it’s Australian street style.

Scott Schuman, the iconic fashion photographer and blogger known as The Sartorialist, is in Australia for Holden. Scouring the streets of Sydney, he’s here to capture what Australians do best – relaxed, creative, uninhibited style. Having launched The Sartorialist in 2005, Scott’s immensely successful blog has expanded to an Instagram account with some 687K followers and internationally acclaimed books of his photographs. His ability to find and capture thought-provoking street style from Mumbai to Milan has made him both a darling of the fashion world and a champion of the everyman/woman.

Holden’s collaboration with The Sartorialist is definitely left of field for a traditional automotive company. But as the brand transitions into a sales, design and engineering business with a third of its product sourced from Europe, cutting through the conceptual limits of ‘tradition’ is our new MO.  And what better lens to view Holden’s new range through than that of the man with a world-renowned eye for fresh and thoughtful design?

And so we find ourselves in Bondi, in Chippendale, in the backstreets of urban Sydney, plucking individuals out of their daily life and celebrating their distinctive style choices as only The Sartorialist can. Scott’s ability to identify exceptional style is well established, which is why Holden’s new range of European vehicles have made their way into his portfolio.

The design elements of the Cascada convertible, Astra hatch and Insignia sedan are the inspiration for Scott’s Australian series. The Cascada convertible’s Deep Sky Blue exterior adds an urban-luxe feel to a classic Bondi beach scene. The “cat’s-eye” shape of the Astra’s front headlamps fits perfectly into the smooth lines of a Dries Von Noten reversible jacket. The subtle sophistication of the Insignia brings class to an exposed brick streetscape, underscoring the inherent grace of the ‘model’ in the foreground. Or in Scott’s words:

“Each car has its own personality, from the lines, the colours and the textures that they use; it’s great to work with something like that.

“It was really fun matching up when we saw someone and working out what kind of car went with that person’s style and personality.”

When speaking about the ‘boy on bike’ scene, Schuman explained the thought process behind the shot.

“The thing I found most interesting was the relationship between the cat-eye design of the light fixtures at the front of the car and Marco, and what it did was pull together the design of his look and the car and make it one beautiful composition.”

As far as campaigns go, this one is about as exciting as they come. As Holden challenges public perception of its brand and goes about sourcing product that, by design, triggers the question, ‘wow, that’s a Holden?’ our alignment with the likes of The Sartorialist takes us into new territory, allowing us to speak to a fresh section of Australia. From a family of four to an inner-city millennial, there is a Holden to suit your individual style – be it gold slip-ons or grey steelcaps. With a renowned global design centre in Melbourne working across a range of GM brands and our ability to test and tune vehicles specifically for Australian customers and conditions, Holden is challenging the status quo.

Images from The Sartorialist’s #HoldenStreetStyle campaign will be released in the coming weeks. Check out Holden on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see what caught Scott Schuman’s eye.

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